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Steering Committee

ICST is supported by the IEEE Computer Society, Technical Committee on Software Engineering. ICST elects its steering committee members via a democratic election process and is governed by its charter (http://cs.gmu.edu/icst/icst-charter.html). Current serving members of the steering committee are:


Lionel Briand,  University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Myra Cohen,  Iowa State University, USA

Robert Feldt,  Chalmers University, Sweden

Mark Grechanik,  University of Illinois, Urbana Champagne, USA

Atif Memon,  University of Maryland at College PArk, USA

John Penix,  Google, USA

Andy Podgurski,  Case Western University, USA

Tanya Vos,  University of Valencia, Span

Shin Yoo (Chair),  KAIST, Republic of Korea


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