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Accepted Papers

Main Research Track

Testing Machine Learning Algorithms for Balanced Data Usage

Arnab   Sharma and   Heike Wehrheim

XSTRESSOR: Automatic Generation of Large-Scale Test Inputs by   Inferring Path Conditions

Charitha Saumya, Jinkyu Koo, Milind Kulkarni and Saurabh Bagchi

IEEE TCSE Distinguished Paper Award

Efficiently Repairing Internationalization Presentation   Failures By Solving Layout   Constraints

Abdulmajeed Alameer, Paul T. Chiou and William G.J. Halfond

SeqFuzzer: An Industrial Protocol Fuzzing Framework in Deep   Learning Perspective

Hui Zhao, Zhihui Li, Hansheng Wei, Jianqi Shi and Yanhong Huang

You Cannot Fix What You Cannot Find! An Investigation of Fault   Localization Bias   in Benchmarking Automated Program Repair Systems

Kui Liu, Anil Koyuncu, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé, Dongsun Kim,     Jacques Klein and Yves Le Traon

Techniques for Evolution-Aware Runtime Verification

Owolabi Legunsen, Yi Zhang, Milica Hadzi-Tanovic, Grigore Rosu     and Darko Marinov

Automatic Visual Verification of Layout Failures in   Responsively Designed Web Pages

Ibrahim Althomali, Gregory Kapfhammer and Phil McMinn

IEEE TCSE Distinguished Paper Award

Intent-Preserving   Test Repair

Xiangyu Li, Marcelo d'Amorim and Alessandro Orso

Similarities cross Libraries: Making a Case for Leveraging   Test Suites

Devika Sondhi, Divya Rani and Rahul Purandare

MemFuzz:  Using Memory Accesses to Guide Fuzzing

Nicolas Coppik, Oliver Schwahn and Neeraj Suri

Fixing of Security Vulnerabilities in Open Source Projects: A Case Study of Apache HTTP Server and Apache Tomcat

Valentina Piantadosi, Simone Scalabrino and Rocco Oliveto

An Extensive Study on the Threat of Test Suites in Measuring   Coverage Criteria   Effectiveness

Jie Zhang, Lingming Zhang, Dan Hao, Meng Wang and Lu Zhang

Uniform Sampling of SAT Solutions for Configurable Systems:   Are We There Yet?

Quentin Plazar, Mathieu Acher, Gilles Perrouin, Xavier Devroey     and Maxime Cordy

PySE: Automatic Worst-Case Test Generation by Reinforcement   Learning

Jinkyu Koo, Charitha Saumya, Milind Kulkarni and Saurabh Bagchi

Parallel Many-Objective Search for Unit Tests

Verena Bader, Jose Campos and Gordon Fraser

Suspend-less debugging for interactive and/or realtime   programs

Haruto Tanno and Hideya Iwasaki

On the Evolution of Keyword-Driven Test Suites

Renaud Rwemalika, Marinos Kintis, Michail Papadakis, Yves Le     Traon and Pierre Lorrach

Directing a Search Towards Execution Properties with a Learned   Fitness Function

Leonid Joffe and David Clark

An RBM Anomaly Detector for the Cloud

Cristina Monni, Mauro Pezzè and Gaetano Prisco

An   Extensive Study on Cross-project Predictive Mutation   Testing

Dongyu Mao, Lingchao Chen and Lingming Zhang

iDFlakies:   A Framework for Detecting and Partially   Classifying Flaky Tests

Wing Lam, Reed Oei, August Shi, Darko Marinov and Tao Xie

Learning   to Optimize the Alloy Analyzer

Wenxi Wang, Kaiyuan Wang, Mengshi Zhang and Sarfraz Khurshid

An Empirical Study on the Use of Defect Prediction for Test Case Prioritization

David Paterson, Jose Campos, Rui Abreu, Gregory Kapfhammer,     Gordon Fraser and Phil McMinn

BugsJS:   a Benchmark of JavaScript Bugs

Péter Gyimesi, Béla Vancsics, Andrea Stocco, Davood Mazinanian,     Árpád Beszédes, Rudolf Ferenc and Ali Mesbah

Comparing Mutation Testing at the Levels of Source Code and Compiler Intermediate Representation

Farah Hariri, August Shi, Vimuth Fernando, Suleman Mahmood and     Darko Marinov

An Empirical Assessment of Machine Learning Approaches for Triaging Java Static Analysis Reports

Ugur Koc, Shiyi Wei, Jeffrey Foster, Marine Carpuat and Adam   Porter

Extension-Aware   Automated Testing Based on Imperative   Predicates

Nima Dini, Cagdas Yelen, Milos Gligoric and Sarfraz Khurshid

Precise   Static Happens-Before Analysis for Detecting UAF Order Violations in Android

Diyu Wu, Jie Liu, Yulei Sui, Shiping Chen and Jingling Xue

Automated   Testing of Basic Recognition Capability for Speech Recognition Systems

Futoshi Iwama and Takashi Fukuda

Coverage-Driven Test Generation for Thread-Safe Classes via Parallel and Conflict Dependencies

Valerio Terragni, Mauro Pezzè and Francesco Adalberto Bianchi

IEEE TCSE Distinguished Paper Award

Resurgence of Regression Test Selection for C++

Ben Fu, Sasa Misailovic and Milos Gligoric

Testing Tool Track

Testing Android Incoming Calls.

Ana   C. R. Paiva, Marco A. Gonçalves;alves and André R.   Barros.

Why does this App need this Data? Automatic Tightening of   Resource Access.

Nataniel   Borges Jr. and Andreas Zeller.

Efficient Automated Decomposition of Build Targets at   Large-Scale. Lukas Jendele,

Markus   Schwenk, Diana Cremarenco, Ivan Janicijevic and Mikhail Rybalkin.

Program Repair at Arbitrary Fault Depth.

Besma   Khaireddine, Matias Martinez and Ali Mili.

SmokeOut: An Approach for Testing Clustering Implementations.

Vincenzo    Musco, Xin Yin and Iulian Neamtiu.

Industry Track

Classifying False Positive Static Checker Alarms In Continuous   Integration Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Seongmin   Lee, Shin Hong, Jungbae Yi, Taeksu Kim, Chul-Joo Kim and Shin Yoo.

Automating Root Cause Analysis via Machine Learning in Agile Software   Testing Environments

Julen   Kahles, Juha Törrönen, Timo Huuhtanen and Alexander Jung.

Data-flow based testing of distributed real-time software   systems.

Dominik   Hellhake, Schmid Tobias and Stefan Wagner.

TestSage: Regression Test Selection for Large-scale Web   Service Testing

Hua   Zhong, Lingming Zhang and Sarfraz Khurshid.

Automated Function Assessment in Driving Scenarios

Christian   King, Lennart Ries, Christopher Kober, Christoph Wohlfahrt and Eric Sax.

VCIPR: Vulnerable Code is Identifiable When a Patch is   Released (Hackers Perspective)

Junaid   Akram, Liang Qi and Ping Luo.

Tool Demo Track

Fully Automated Mobile Testing through an AI Exploratory Bot.

Jae-Jun Hwang , Jae Woong Hwang  and Sanghui Sandy Park.

Instant Automation - NLP based Automation Test Script Generation.

Sunder Nochilur and Chinmaya Ranjan Jena

Evidence Based Test Optimization.

Mahesh Venkataraman , Jothi Gouthaman  and Sunder Nochilur .

ClearTH Test Automation Framework for DLT-Based Post-Trade Systems.

Vladimir Panarin, Alyona Bulda, Iosif Itkin, Murad Mamedov, Alyona Rybakova, Anna Gromova, Alexey Zverev , Elena Treshcheva , Sergey Tishin , Kirill Zagarouiko and Rostislav Yavorski .

AppCheck: A lightweight record/replay tool for crowdsourced testing of Android applications.

Yuzhong Cao , Guoquan Wu , Wei Chen , Jun Wei , Su Wang and Yuxuan Lu.

Masking Dynamic Content Areas Based on Positional Relationship of Screen Elements for Visual Regression Testing.

Haruto Tanno, Yu Adachi and Yu Yoshimura.

iFL for Eclipse - A Tool to Support Interactive Fault Localization in Eclipse IDE.

Gergő Balogh, Victor Schnepper Lacerda, Ferenc Horváth and Árpád Beszédes.

Doctoral Symposium

AADL-based Safety Analysis Approaches for Safety-Critical Systems.

Xiaomin Wei.

Testing for Implicit Inconsistencies in Documentation and Implementation.

Devika Sondhi.

Automated Scenario-Based Integration Testing of Time-Constrained Distributed Systems.

Bruno Lima.

A Model-Based Approach to Generate Dynamic Synthetic Test Data.

Chao Tan .

Using Testing to Repair Models.

Marco Radavelli.

Using the Software?Operational Profile to enhancing a test suite and improve the Software?Quality from the users?point of view.

Luiz Cavamura Júnior.


ClearTH Test Automation Framework: A Running Example of a DLT-Based Post-Trade System.

Vladimir Panarin, Alyona Bulda, Iosif Itkin, Alexey Zverev, Kirill Zagorouiko, Murad Mamedov, Alyona Rybakova, Elena Treshcheva, Sergey Tishin, Rostislav Yavorski.

Aiding Java Developers with Interactive Fault Localization in Eclipse IDE.

Gergő Balogh, Ferenc Horváth, Árpád Beszédes.

Supporting JavaScript Experimentation with BugsJS.

Béla Vancsics, Péter Gyimesi, Andrea Stocco, Davood Mazinanian, Árpád Beszédes, Rudolf Ferenc, Ali Mesbah.

Re-Testing Configured Instances in the Production Environment - A Method for Reducing  the Test Suite.

Oussama Jebbar, Mohamed Aymen Saied, Ferhat Khendek, Maria Toeroe.

Automatic Consistency Checking of Requirements with  ReqV.

Simone Vuotto, Massimo Narizzano, Luca Pulina, Armando Tacchella.


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