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Industry Track

Data Intelligence Enables  Intelligent R&D

Tony Chang


Coming to the new era of software application – Agile、Micro-Service、DevOps … the development cycle is shortened but the quality of software should not be compromised. Therefore in the Software industry , the R&D model which include the software architecture itself, the software development process, the software development environment and the company organization are going through Engineering Transforming to facilitate the software development projects stake holders accomplish their tasks effectively and intelligently. This presentation will address the mission from the perspective of a corporate wide R&D competence promoter, which is to provide an intelligent research and development environment that will provide right assistances to the right R&D person at the right time in one shot. During the presentation will also highlight the key enablers of this intelligent R&D mission – build Data Intelligence through data correlation, software traceability and software analytics technologies to conduct the Intelligent Testing.

Short Bio:

Tony has served at Nortel from 1987-2007 and Huawei Technology from 2008-Present, during these periods he has been acting as the engineer、manager、 Sr. manager、Direct  or、 Sr. Director、VP and Corporate Test Authority -- led/ guided the teams to be the industry Test Technology leader in the CT domain: build up the company-wide Test Automation Platform,、Lab Standardization/Dynamic Resource Allocation、industry leading Test Methodologies 、Standardized Test Case Framework、 Customer Solution Integration Automations/Ecosystem and Intelligent R&D.  As of now, Tony is driving company’s goal on open collaboration and joint innovation in the industry Standard committee (TMForum , ETSI) to  promote and share the advanced trends and concept of Test technology and Delivery method. He is currently acting as the Huawei US RDCC lab leader、Corporate Chief Test Expert and got the honor of “Asia America Executive of the Year” in 2017.

Automated Fault Finding and Fixing with Sapienz at Facebook

Ke Mao


Sapienz designs system tests that simulate user interactions with mobile apps. It automatically finds app issues, localizes, tracks and triages them to developers. SapFix automatically generates patches for specific bugs. This talk will cover how Sapienz is deployed at a large scale at Facebook, including its continuous integration with Facebook's development process, fault signal boosting with Infer static analysis and SapFix patch generation. This talk contains joint work of the whole Sapienz team and its partners and collaborators at Facebook.

Short Bio:

Ke Mao is a software engineer at Facebook where he works on Sapienz for automated fault finding and fixing. Sapienz has been deployed at Facebook since October 2017. It aut  omatically designs, executes, and reports results of tests on the Facebook's Android and iOS apps that are used by over a billion users worldwide every day. Sapienz grew out of his PhD research work. He co-founded the start-up Majicke with Prof. Mark Harman and Dr. Yue Jia and later the co-founders moved to Facebook in February 2017. He holds a PhD degree in computer science from University College London (UCL) and an MS in computer science from the Institute of Software, Chinese Academic of Sciences (ISCAS).


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